Successful growth systems depend on organizational alignment

We craft effective Growth
Systems for Advisory Firms.

Proofpoint Marketing is a B2B growth partner that helps consulting and advisory firms accelerate revenue-generating relationships through organizational alignment and integrated sales and marketing activation strategies.

Take the Growth Gap Assessment
Take the Growth Gap Assessment
💡 Uncover hidden misalignment issues
stalling your firm’s growth

If your growth is stalling, it may be due to one of the following issues:


The Solution

Successful advisory firms are taking the time to clearly define their ideal client profile (ICP), the problems they solve for these ideal clients, and the strategic narrative that illustrates their unique point-of-view. These firms are aligning their entire organization around these foundational positioning elements.

Inadequate Infrastructure

The Solution

Successful advisory firms are building their thought leadership engine, developing the necessary marketing and business development assets to support the strategic narrative, setting up data collection and measurement to understand the business impact of growth activities, and last, but not least, setting up accountability systems for both marketing and business development.

Disjointed Go-To-Market

The Solution

Successful advisory firms are solving this by developing integrated growth teams that build trust at scale, and help business development start more conversations.

Turn siloed and disjointed growth activities into an integrated growth system

A partnership with Proofpoint Marketing equips you with the measurement infrastructure, strategies and expert execution to build and maintain a growth system for year-over-year success.


  • Frustration among the growth team and leadership due to misalignment.
  • Uncertainty about which activities are actually impacting growth.
  • Inconsistent and often unprofitable revenue growth.


  • Investment confidence from implementing strategic and operational infrastructure.
  • Consistent growth at 20% or more, year-over-year.
  • Unwavering focus on best-fit clients leading to increased profitability.

Through our Relationship-Led Growth System, we’ve helped our clients:

Increase media effectiveness by


Reduce customer acquisition costs by


Increase marketing sourced pipeline by



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