Growth Readiness roadmap

Sustained growth requires organizational alignment and the necessary infrastructure across all aspects of the growth function.

While growth is a team sport, every team needs a leader, and this leader needs to be the chief executive.

If you aren’t sure of the state of your growth system or what type of support you need, we have developed an assessment that allows us to very quickly identify the hidden gaps in your system, and guide you on priorities to fix them

Outcomes you can expect:

Uncover Growth Gaps

Organizational misalignment is often the silent killer of growth, yet identifying this misalignment and having productive conversations to solve them can be difficult. An external assessment based on a framework we have used across many companies will do the trick.

Prioritization Roadmap

Stalled growth never solely due to one single reason, and unless you have done this before, it can be hard to know what to prioritize first. Our assessment will help you map out a path to success.

Assess your growth readiness based on 10 categories

1.Your definition of the ideal customer

2.Your positioning and messaging

3.Your clarity and alignment on goals

4.Your growth strategy

5.Your measurement setup

6.Your internal communication

7.Your sales enablement

8.Your business development acumen and process

9.Your accountability system

10.Your resources across the growth function

Create your growth roadmap

Assessment (2 - 4 weeks)

Collect quantitative and qualitative data to base our assessment on:
  • Tech stack usage survey
  • Tech stack usage survey
  • 3 years of pipeline/sales data
  • 3 years of revenue targets and business outcomes
  • Any currently used performance reports or dashboards
  • Sales decks
  • Most consumed marketing content
  • Most used business development assets



This roadmap is meant to help you determine where you need help. This is also what we will require prior to engaging in a Growth Infrastructure or Growth Activation initiative. The cost of this assessment can then be credited toward any of our other services