Growth Strategy

Developing an effective growth strategy requires you to look internally first—to uncover misalignment—and then externally—to understand the full ecosystem. Only then, can you identify the growth gaps and the points for maximum leverage.

Outcomes you can expect:

Organizational Alignment

Accelerated growth requires consistent alignment across the entire growth function and leadership. This can only happen if gaps are identified, solutions agreed upon, and accountability systems put in place.

Accelerated Growth

Implementing a growth system often requires a major change in mindset, team structure, and process. The order of operations to execute and manage this change is critical.

Increased Profitability

Speed is the name of the game in growth. To move fast, you need to know why you are doing something, what to do, and how to do it.
If you already have a solid plan in place, our growth experts can help you build the infrastructure to execute that plan.

Strategy to help you break through growth plateaus

Have you hit a ceiling with a linear sales-led approach?

Lower margins and expensive delivery models prevent you from hiring sales people fast enough. Not to mention good sales people who understand the business and can do the consultative selling are hard to find, and each has a limited capacity for prospecting and deal management.

Have you tried the awareness funnel pivot?

You believe a lack of awareness is the problem, so you focus on getting as many people as possible in your target audience to know about what you do, so you can increase inbound leads for your sales team to nurture. Unfortunately, this approach is transactional and removes relationship-building from your growth function.

Build a relationship-led growth  strategy

(8 - 12 weeks)

we Collect quantitative and qualitative data to base our assessment on:
  • Growth Gap Assesment
  • Build organizational alignment
  • 3 years of pipeline/sales data
  • 3 years of revenue targets and business outcomes
  • Any currently used performance reports or dashboards
  • Sales decks
  • Most consumed marketing content
  • Most used business development assets

(2 - 4 weeks)

We Bring growth gaps to light and create alignment around:
  • Messaging
  • ICP targeting
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • ICP problems and pain points
  • Activation and Enablement Process and System
  • Measurement framework and systems

(4 - 6 weeks)

We Craft a plan that addresses the growth gaps and business objectives:
  • Core messaging insights and recommendations
  • Priority and timeline recommendations with resources and budgets
  • Test core messaging concepts
  • GOST (Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics) growth strategy that answers the following questions:
    • Where do we find our ICP?
    • What gets our ICP excited?
    • What is our ICP skeptical about?
    • Who does our ICP trust?
    • How can we measure success


Starting at $30,000

For most firms, $30,000 is all it takes. But for larger, more complex multidisciplinary firms, more work is required to establish alignment and build the blueprint.