Paid Media

It's about cutting through the noise, reaching existing audiences and tapping into highly targeted segments—in a precise, budget-conscience way that maximizes spend and minimizes waste.

Knowing that your audience is online is only one part of the digital equation. In order to affect their behavior and engage in meaningful conversation, amplification through online advertising is no longer an option. It’s a must. While we still love organic content and organic online practices, we know paid advertising is crucial in reaching your goals.

Paid media allows brands to cut through the noise and connect with existing audiences, as well as tap into highly targeted segments via search, display and social ads. Before we begin with any paid media initiative, we spend a lot of time understanding your business objectives, your industry, products/services and your ideal customer or prospect. Most importantly, we start with your budget in mind and determine the most appropriate paid media strategy to provide the best ROI possible.

We combine human optimization and creativity with a deep knowledge and appreciation for automation, to consistently drive incremental results for your business.

Our paid media services include:
- Paid search (SEM) strategy and execution
- Paid social
- Retargeting
- Display media
- Programmatic buying
- Campaigns for lead generation, eCommerce, awareness, and direct response